Transpac, a seasoned industry leader since 1995, specializes in wholesale seasonal, gift, home, and garden decor products. Transpac has become a trusted and consistent name in the field with a distinct focus on serving independent retail channels and national retail chains. 

 Because we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality and best service, we are delighted to have Season’s Designs, Totalee Gift and VIP Home & Garden under our Transpac Brand. From classics to trends, we are committed to being the destination for all your retail needs.  

Our success is rooted in giving our customers an exceptional experience based on: 


We give you Design Variety - ensuring a diverse product mix, exclusive designs, and keeping up with industry trends. 

We help make an Impact - by offering quality products at competitive price points, we can help impact your profit margin and business growth.    

We believe in Partnership - our journey has been one of continual growth and success, underpinned by the delivery of quality products and unparalleled service. The Transpac Brand stands as a dedicated partner, ensuring you are always well-equipped to thrive in the competitive retail landscape. 

 Elevate, Innovate, Celebrate with Transpac Brands